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My Online Journal

April, 17th 2004
Well this is what has been happening to me while I have been away
I still don't have a job, but will be getting one soon at the Chevron in Cascade Park
I am planning on getting married to my boyfriend Gary, i am not sure if he is Lucas or not
but by the way things are going with his sick mind
I am not so sure about the marrage thing anymore
if any of you hear anything from Daniel, let me know ok?
I am worried about her.
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September, 6th 2004
Sorry it has taken me so long to update me journal, Here is what has been happening to me since April, 17th
well for starters I will be getting married on Halloween to Gary!
well like in my last entry I still havn't found a job yet, I am hoping that the resturant on the corner will give me a chance.
I am working at the Humane Society on Thursdays and Saturdays, but it would be nice to get a paying job.
My 24th birthday is coming up, I hope no one has forgotten me already.
Jasper really needs to get a hold of me so I can let him know what is going on with me and god.
Well until next time take care and god bless!.
December 12th, 2003
Today was what some would call,
very boring nothing really happened but
just watching movies and eating food
but the good thing is T.G.I.F!
December 13th, 2003
Today my roommate told me about
a girl that was interested in possibly having
me as her girlfriend, well when
i met her at breakfast, she seemed
very nice, maybe this can work!
December 14th, 2003
So another day is coming to a close
today has been what most could describe as
slow, boring, trepid
I unfortunaly, don't know how to put it
but you never know, tommorrow might be better
than today?,
well i only have 3 more days until it is time to go home for winter break
took the state test and passed
and am looking forward to going into, workbase after christmas break
December 15th, 2003
Today started out very interesting
my daughter, imagine my suprise!
well any who, I am having a very boring day
sitting in the career center
doing nothing, well almost nothing
I have been working to profect my resume and looking for sites to do workbase
I am still sad that Jasper got terminated and i miss him alot
trade done, state test passed, and nothing to do
well I will be making improvements to my site in the coming weeks
so just keep checking back.
December 16th, 2003
Today I descovered that I was not the only one who was all alone
Danielle, shared the same feeling of lonelyness as I
Last night I spent with my master, he and I made passionate love
I would rather not go into further deatails to spare all who read this
I am however still waiting for my love to return to me
I only wish I knew when he was coming back to me
December 17th, 2003
well tomorrow I will be going home for christmas break
I will try to still write in this journal as much as I can
over christmas break, I will be applying to a nursing home
that is hiring CNA's, one can only hope that I obtain the position.
I also have to paint my room, mom never told me what color she bought
but I can only imagine what hideus color my room will be, poor me
she doesn't even realise that I have to live in that room
well I will try to come up with something, well I am looking forward to possibly obtaining employment and not having to return to Job Corps.
I will however be returning only for a little while
just to go through exit and get my reo.
December 18th, 2003
well this morning we left to go home for christmas break
the bus ride to Seattle was not all that bad, though the company leaves much to be desired
stayed with my friends and ate lunch then it was time to board
to go home to my mom.
got the most worse suprise when i got home, Dusty started a fight with my mom about the bills again
sometimes i think he is so imature
January 4th, 2004
sorry i have not been writing in my journal but the computer at home is so stupid
thing were ok at home for christmas and i returned to job corp. before the new years
Now on to the good news!
LUCAS IS BACK! i met him in his new body and i must say was i ever suprised
he is in the body of a man named Gary
when he returns from Iraq, he and i are going to get married!
can you believe it!, i have never been so happy.
to finally have my beloved back is the like a dream come true, never will i feel so alone anymore:)