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Night of the Full Moon
©6/24/02 by. A.S.Henry

I remember quite clearly the day I found out my curse.

The Moon Curse lives in every other generation of my family. I Nathan am one of them.

I was about 4 when I heard my parents talking about it, "do you think our son has the curse?" my mother told my father. Dad told her that I might have been born with it, because the curse skipped my mother and went to me.

Mom was pale at the notion of me being like her father, you see grandfather is a Werewolf. He was born with the curse and I will be the same as him once I get older.

I live in a small room in the attic of my parent's home; when I was born they wanted to put me in an orphanage but thought it would be too dangerous.

So they locked me in this tiny room, my parents never love me and my older brother hates me. He will soon be starting at the Turtle Rock Island Magic Guild.

My family comes from a long line of mages and I am the same as them, accept for the fact that I am a Werewolf. They will never let me go to magic school; mom and dad would never permit it.

This night is very cold; it is about four days before Christmas. My heart always hurts this time of year; I never get any presents.

My parents never gave me anything, so I try to ignore the holidays. Everything I have is always hand me downs; from my older brother. When he out grows anything they put it in the attic with me, so it becomes mine.

My bed, my toys and my cloths; all came from my older brother because he out grew them.

I huddle in the corner of my small bed and wrap the thin blankets around me, what heat is trapped against me is all I have. I slip in to a troubled sleep, but do not get much rest.

For you see I do not sleep well during this time of the year, I am always too afraid that I might freeze to death if I fall completely asleep.

In the morning I am much more tired than I was last night. Sighing I lean against the wall and quietly listen to my stomach, knowing that I will not be receiving anything to eat.

I am very lucky if they bring me food at all. This day I am very restless, it is the day before the full moon. Inside I know that tomorrow night my curse will kick in and I will become the beast once more.

My brother comes in my room with some stale bread and a small glass of water about six that night. After setting the food on the floor, my brother leaves and locks the door.

I wait until I can no longer hear his footsteps before forcing the disgusting bread down my throat. Once the food is in my stomach, I turn around and walk over to collapse on the bed.

I fall into a restless sleep; knowing what is going to happen to me tomorrow night. The next day my father comes into my room and grabs my wrist.

Dragging me into the basement, he chains me to the wall. The day passes slowly for me; I know what will happen to me once the moon rises in the sky.

I drift in and out of consciousness never allowing myself to fully go under. I am very weary by the time the great orb starts to slip into the darkness of the basement. As the rays of this accursed moon slip over me I can feel the pain beginning.

I cry out in pain as my body twist and breaks, bones ripping through my flesh; blood oozing for the wounds. My body breaks and reshapes itself into the wolf; I lose consciousness from the unbearable pain.

After for what seemed like hours I slowly start to awaken, blinking my eyes; I realize that I am now seeing through the eyes of a wolf. I can see everything in the darkened room.

I try and stand but my body is still too weak from earlier and fail.

Collapsing back to the cold floor, I lay there panting and trying desperately to catch my breath. Shakily I try once again to stand on unsteady legs, like a pup trying to take it's first steps.

Walking slowly away from the wall, only noticing that I am still chained; when I can go no further.

Sighing in defeat I walk slowly back over to the wall and sit under the window. Gazing up and the eternal orb of the night, I howl in sadness as tears fall from my gentle amber eyes.

How I long to run free through the forest at night; playing in the forest and pouncing on the crickets in the field.

Running free and wild without a care in the world, I then and there would have done anything to be free. But the dreams in my world; never came true.

I wait there in the darkness for the sun to raise and once again turn me back into that scared sad little boy who nobody loved.

As I lay there I made a promise to myself; one day I would get out of this house and find the freedom I have always wanted.